Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Just the way you are

If you read my photography blog then you've seen this post so I apologize for duplicating. I just love these pictures and how they capture Mia at this age.

Her post nap hair

Her favorite little book (and little hands holding it) Mia2

Her sleep sack and how cute she looks in it Mia1

Her little puffy wake-up face and her "friends" Mia4

Not the best pictures I've ever taken but some of my favorites. Don't forget to capture the little moments, they pass by so quickly.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Watch this

This is my awesome friend Piper making motherhood look amazing. Check her out on Coconut and Bean, her new blog. This is just the cutest, sweetest video of her and her gorgeous babies. I bet you learn something too (hair coils? totally new to me and so awesome!)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


the new photo blog! It's a rough draft and needs lots of work so please bear with me while I get it looking pretty.

I'm not sure if I am going to keep both blogs going or what... that is to be determined. I really only want to post pictures I'm really proud of over there but sometimes it's fun to share the bad pics with good stories too. ;)

Oh and it's not a blogger blog so I can't use Google Friend Connect anymore (sad face) so I hope you will still come by and visit from time to time? You can add it to your reader by subscribing through google, just add the link below.


Thanks friends! I wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for the awesome blogging community, you guys are the best!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

So Inspired

I posted a while back about my new found passion for photography and wanted to share a few things that have me excited and feeling inspired!

1st... I had the privilege of attending a GoPro workshop with Blue Lily Photography (blog). Oh my, this was an incredible two days of learning. They answered every possible question about photography, my camera and their business that I could ever come up with. I met some amazing new friends and learned so much. If you are into photography then I can't recommend this workshop enough. The best part of the weekend for me was spending time with Wendy and Tyler and learning about/absorbing their work ethic and positive attitude. I can't really put this part into words but Wendy and Tyler are beautiful souls are so inspiring in how they handle their marriage, family, business and life. Anyway, if I am not being clear... I loved every minute of it!

2nd... Clickin' Moms - this is a photography forum absolutely brimming with information from both pro and hobby photographers. You don't have to be a mom to join so don't be intimidated by the name. The also offer classes in both photography and editing (I'm signed up for Lightroom 101 starting in a week) and mini break out sessions which are totally affordable ($25 usually) and brimming with good info.

3rd... Kin Community on YouTube. My incredibly talented and gorgeous friend Liesl turned me on this new channel on YouTube where they are sharing recipes, style tips, and stories. She has been doing recipe videos for them, here is her promo video. I'm so proud of her and am so excited by this community! Stay tuned because in a few months, I will be sharing some more Kin videos of another friend doing style tips. I have the coolest friends, seriously.

4th... BABIES! 2 friends had baby boys this week and I found out about a few other babies coming this summer. Now that my "baby" is almost 2 and a half, having real, yummy newborns around is so sweet and exciting.  I'll be back soon to share a newborn shot with you soon.

Well, these are the things filling up my brain these days. Next on the agenda... our annual trip to Cabo, working on a new photo blog and practicing up a storm on my new camera. How is the new year starting out for you?

Here are a few pictures I took at the Blue Lily workshop. They lined up a couple of practice shoots for us. Loved working with this gorgeous couple. Nothing beats young love! (As always, critique or advice welcome!)
Blue Lily Workshop Day2 January 13, 2012Blue Lily Workshop January 13, 2012IMG_1869

IMG_1995 copy2

IMG_1912_edited-1 copy


IMG_2044-2 copy

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas cards

I had four friends use pictures I took of them for their holiday cards this year! It was so so sweet of them to let me shoot them and then to use the pics. So here they are. As usual, any critique or advice is welcome, I am still in the way beginning stage of shooting families (or anything for that matter!) BTW how good looking are all these families? It's hard not to get a great pic when you have models like this.

IMG_2851 copy

IMG_2929 copy_edited-3 copy
Oops actually it was this one...

IMG_3361 latest

IMG_3903 copy

Oh I forgot, my in-laws used this one for their card too! :)
IMG_4403 copy
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